Here's what teachers are saying about the ODACS Convention!

"GREAT sessions!"  Teacher, 2018

"I loved the technology workshops.  I loved the workshops related to exceptional students/accommodating different learning styles/differentiated instruction."  Teacher, 2018

"The conference is perfect for us beginning teachers.  Thank you so much!"  Teacher, 2018

"The keynote speaker did a noteworthy job!"  Teacher, 2018

"Everything was great this year.  Thanks!"  Teacher, 2018

"I love this convention so much.  I love being able to learn at the feet of so many who have been where I am and know what I feel.  It is extremely a privilege to teach for an ODACS school!"  Teacher, 2017

"Dr. Shoemaker's challenges were  a blessing."  Teacher, 2017

"The spirit this year was very uplifting.  I enjoyed the singing and the general sessions as well as the workshops, but my favorite part was the fellowship and encouragement."  Teacher, 2017

"Very qualified, experienced, and prepared speakers."  Teacher, 2017

"[I liked the] abundance of knowledge, ability in sharing depth of each subject, humbleness of presenters, and desire to help!"  Teacher, 2017

"I love that there were sessions on school security."  Teacher, 2017

"I was very discouraged with many difficulties this school year.  This convention was exactly what I needed.  Every workshop ministered, encouraged, and provided help where I needed it."  Administrator, 2015

"I enjoy so much every year at the convention - the fellowship, the music, the preaching, and the sessions - but seeing so many gathered together with the same heart for education is the best!"  Teacher, 2015

"Thank you for again allowing us to be a part of such a great teachers' convention.  The hotel, the vendors, and the classes were all a blessing to our school and staff."  Administrator, 2014

"I always enjoy the music and fellowship.  The keynote speaker this year was a tremendous blessing!"  Teacher, 2014

"[I] loved the Pre-K workshops.  [The] key speaker was very encouragging."  Teacher, 2014"The focus and the scope...made me excited to attend and empowered to effect change in my school and church."  Teacher, 2014

"As always, the singing and special music are such a blessing.  The workshops encouraged and challenged me for my work as an administrator and teacher."  Administrator, 2013

"The fellowship was truly a needed blessing for me this year!  I can't wait until next year!"  Teacher, 2013

"It was good to hear about God's working through ODACS in the past.  Someone needs to put all that in writing."  Teacher, 2013

"There were more workshops offered for preschool and kindergarten than ever before.  Thank you!"  Teacher, 2012

"Good preaching!  Very helpful workshops, even for a veteran teacher!"  Teacher, 2012

"Best convention I've been to in 21+ years of ministry.  Thank you!"  Teacher, 2011

"I loved the fellowship with Christian teachers, the singing, the preaching, and I enjoyed all the workshops.  Great convention!"  Teacher, 2011

"The convention seemed especially well-organized and efficient."  Teacher, 2011