AACS National Competition

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AACS Competition Annual Update for 2021

For the years 2021-2025, the AACS National Competition will be governed by the 2020 AACS National Competition Manual.  Students who advance to the national competition must be sure to review the national rules and to use the national judging forms.

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Important Memo - Eligibility of Entries for the 2021 AACS National Competition

2021 AACS National Competition

The 2021 AACS National Competition is scheduled for April 13-15.

Virginia Students Excel at the 2019 AACS National Competition!

Virginia students from 14 schools competed at the 2019 AACS National Competition, April 9-11, at Bob Jones University.  Despite strong challenges from North Carolina and Illinois, ODACS students successfully defended their national championship, with students from 10 different Virginia schools earning a total of 62 points.  We congratulate all of our Virginia competitors for a job well done!

ODACS History at AACS Nationals

Results from Past Years

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 National Competition was canceled.
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