ODACS Competition Rules

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Important Note:  ODACS has a new rule governing when a second place entry at regionals may advance to the State Competition.

New Second Place Rule

Rules for 2021-2025

Understanding the rules is the first step toward success in ODACS competition.  Use the links at left to view rules governing ODACS Competition for 2021-2025.  ODACS member schools may contact the ODACS office for information about purchasing either digital or print editions of the complete competition manual.

Summary of Rules Changes for 2021-2025

General Information for Levels I, II, and III

Disqualifications and Point Deductions

Order Form for 2021-2025 Competition Manual


Spelling Bee Information for ODACS Competition

Spelling Information on the AACS Web Site

Spelling Lists at www.thespellingchamp.com

Elementary Spelling Study List for 2023-2024

Important Note - The current ODACS Elementary Spelling Study List may not be the same as the current list published by AACS.  Also, words used in competition may not necessarily appear on the study list.


ODACS 5-year Calendar