ODACS Competition Rules

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Important Note:  ODACS has a new rule governing when a second place entry at regionals may advance to the State Competition.

New Second Place Rule

Rules for 2021-2025

Understanding the rules is the first step toward success in ODACS competition.  Use the links at left to view rules governing ODACS Competition for 2021-2025.  ODACS member schools may contact the ODACS office for information about purchasing either digital or print editions of the complete competition manual.

Summary of Rules Changes for 2021-2025

General Information for Levels I, II, and III - New!

Disqualifications and Point Deductions - New!

Order Form for 2021-2025 Competition Manual


Spelling Bee Information for ODACS Competition

Spelling Information on the AACS Web Site

Spelling Lists at www.thespellingchamp.com

Elementary Spelling Study List for 2022-2023

Important Note - The current ODACS Elementary Spelling Study List may not be the same as the current list published by AACS.


ODACS 5-year Calendar