ODACS State Government Day

2021 ODACS State Government Day

ODACS hosted a virtual State Government Day on Monday, January 25.  Students from six schools participated.  Dan Zacharias, director of ODACS, presented a seminar on the legislative process at the state capitol.  Jamison Coppola, legislative director for AACS, presented a seminar on the proper role of Christians in politics.  The highlight of the meeting was a visit by a guest General Assembly member, Delegate Nick Freitas.  Delegate Freitas spoke to students about his governing philosophy, and then he answered several very good questions submitted by the students.

Information Letter for 2021 State Government Day

2020 ODACS State Government Day

About 150 students and teachers attended the 2020 State Government Day on Monday, January 27.  Students had the opportunity to meet lawmakers, observe committee meetings, learn about the legislative process, visit the floor of the House of Delegates chamber, and eat pizza!  Use the links below to learn more about the 2020 event!ODACS State Government Day

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Guidelines for Capitol Tours