Workshop Presenters and Topics

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The following people are scheduled to present workshops at the 2014 ODACS Educators' Convention.

  • Mr. Joshua Birx; Pensacola Christian Academy, Pensacola, FL
  • Mrs. Barbara Leatherwood; Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC
  • Mr. David Pyle; A Beka Book Publications, Pensacola, FL
  • Mr. Duane Seagle; Temple Christian School, Madison Heights, VA
  • Mrs. Anita Sedivy; Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC
  • Dr. Matt Williams; AACS Youth Leadership Conferences, Kansas City, MO
  • Mr. Dan Zacharias; Executive Director, Old Dominion Association of Church Schools


2013 Schedule of Workshops

Workshop 1, Titles and Descriptions

Workshop 2, Titles and Descriptions

Workshop 3, Titles and Descriptions

Workshop 4, Titles and Descriptions

Workshop 5, Titles and Descriptions

Workshop 6, Titles and Descriptions


AACS now offers double CEU credit for certified teachers and administrators who present a workshop at the convention.  Please consider participating in this exciting ministry and professional opportunity!

2014 Teacher-Led Workshop Registration Form